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A Word from the Author

Please read this book with an open mind. It is based on research as well as real life experiences. I am in no way associated with the resources discussed throughout this book. They are provided for you to have as much information as possible. I was allowed to host a Pure Initiative class one year, which opened doors for me to ask the students questions and learn a great deal from the volunteer educators who provide the class. However, one week a year should not be considered sufficient for sex education and my fear is some parents will think that is enough. This is why I felt compelled to write our story.

This book will provide you with a sneak peek into the world of middle school students. Take you back to your own experiences. Demonstrate some shocking statistics. Only to stress the importance of discussing healthy sexual relationships with your children.

I began writing this book over eight years ago. I would write a while and then stop for a multitude of reasons. I believe with all of my heart raising children is the most important job a parent or caregiver has. However, we as parents are continuously overwhelmed with topics about discipline, proper education, bullying and much more. Which pushes healthy relationships to the back burner.

All of the names and some events have been altered to protect those students who were involved. Although I have dearly loved each and every class throughout my career, this particular class will always hold a spot in my heart. They taught me how to be a better educator, allowed me to understand middle school students’ mentality and provided a story I will never forget. I will always feel honored to have taught each student.

Throughout the years I have kept track of what I call, my babies. Including the parents, grandparents and children who were born/conceived in this class. They have had many ups and downs, but continue to be the best parents they can be. It has not been an easy road for anyone involved. However, these little blessings keep their families pushing forward to improve their lives and provide a safe, happy and comfortable home for the children.

I am a mother of four, an educator, a writer and a mentor. I have experienced conversations about sexual relationships in all facets of life. It is the heartbeat of a marriage. I have mentored with adults from all ages and stages. We need to be discussing sex with our children because what we teach them today will assist them throughout their lives.

As a young student I had a class entitled “Sex Education.” It was not full of lace, positive reinforcement, balloons and yummy cake. Instead our teacher provided us with facts. She demonstrated how to put a condom on and showed us the wide variety of contraceptives. We also learned about sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional connection between partners. It is a myth that this encourages teenagers to have sex. It didn’t happen! We did laugh, giggle and snicker a bit, but we did not run out and look for opportunities to have sex.

I feel that this exposure was important and helped all of my classmates be more informed and know how to protect themselves when sexuality came into the picture. You might ask what is different in today’s society. This class does not exist. The idea is: school is for education based on college and career readiness, not personal life learning experiences, which are a fact of life. Yet the parents feel uncomfortable discussing sex and the viscous cycle continues. This verifies the importance for all parents to read my book. Provide your children with the confidence to discuss with you important topics such as their sexual thoughts, feelings and activities. After all it is a key factor to life. Just as we are born it is inevitable we will all die and the middle will involve some type of physical/sexual relationships.

Let’s Talk About Sex is short and to the point. I realize life is full of daily activities especially if you have multiple children. My hope is you find time to read it between work, doctor visits, soccer practice, dance lessons and basketball games. Be prepared to educate yourself on different ways to talk to your children, what to discuss, how to know when to listen and when you must be patient. You will also receive a different perspective about the children of today’s exposure which is one hundred times more than you or I had.




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