Who are you bringing to the relationship?

When embarking on a relationship or working with a current one, you must know who you are bringing to the circle! Many times we have such high expectations of our partner, children, friends and co-workers that we are unsure why that feeling of misery creeps in and upsets our entire world. However, after a great deal of research I have learned it’s me!

What? Teena? You are crazy! My children speaking to me disrespectfully or ignoring my demands is not my fault!!!!!!!!! Nope I am going to stop reading…WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I am not blaming you, rather allowing you to understand the universal laws.

For example I wrote in my book Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! Who am I? and what are my expectations. In this chapter I discuss  my background of relationships and how they affected my views on love, sex, and my own expectations. Amazingly enough after exploring these topics I asked my husband, “How have we made it so long?”

He responded with, “A great deal of patience and communication on both parts!”

I mean we truly had to work through emotional feelings and thoughts through out our marriage. How I was raised vs. he was raised, what we believed the roles of both partners were ect…We had to learn who we were bringing to the relationship on all levels. This is essential when discussing human sexuality with your children. In a world of free sex and hook n up…understanding your beliefs is essential.

I have always discussed the good parts of a sexual relationship as well as the bad, with my children. The emotional attachment and how one simple act can change everything.

The universal law of like begets like will always help you out in relationships. Helps us understand why I would say if you are struggling in any relationship it could be, you need to look in the mirror! When you don’t like the way someone is acting this law says it is because you do not like that in yourself. Think about your worst insecurities…maybe your weight or the fear of gaining weight. Do you notice yourself pointing out when others gain weight on facebook? or other places?

Same law applies to your children, lover, friends or any other relationship. When you are pointing out their flaws you need to stop and think…Who am I? Who am I bringing into this relationship and how can I improve my communication skills?

While you are at it go on over to Amazon.com and purchase my book  hit the tab books and type in Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! written by Teena Drake

You can’t miss it….beautiful orange background and hot pink writing! And it will help your communication with your child in a variety of ways! Also it doesn’t cost you five thousand dollars…just ten dollars so it won’t break the bank!!! You won’t regret it!




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