Did you know?

Some alarming statistics! In a world where rap songs are teaching our children sex is nothing to cherish. You can have random sexual encounters and not have consequences? Just do it is the message being put out! I thought you might want to hear some important information:

  1. Less than ten percent of the younger than twenty five age group feels the need to save sex until they are married! That is a gigantic decrease from the over twenty five year old population where it was fifty five percent!
  2. Over forty percent of the sexually active population are not concerned about having a sexually transmitted disease. (Yet the doctors say the sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise).
  3. Well over sixty percent of the population felt like it was okay for females to have a baby with out being married. I don’t have a percentage of the girls who experience depression or seclusion, after the baby is born and they now put a multitude of fun events as a ‘young adult’ on the back burner, due to more responsibility! (I will work on finding this out.)

Many more statistics and useful information in my book Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby. Pick it up today!!!  Hey why not order a box to give them away they are inexpensive and will enhance a teenager and parent relationship.




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